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Piberry Institute, Inc. will graduate capable and competent individuals who impact their work environments and communities.

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PiBerry Institute, Inc. provides a superb educational training experience that broadens a student’s knowledge…

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Our purpose is to prepare students to competency levels that make them qualified for initial employment ….

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Medical Terminology
Medical Front Office Procedures
Phlebotomy & Hematology

Class Starts:
Practical Nurse – July 3rd
Medical Assistant Tech/Billing & Coding Specialist – June 5th
Home Health Aid – June 5th


The need for an educational forum such as PiBerry Institute, Inc., was conceived by the founders who, because of their vast experience in proprietary education, saw the need to provide a space where students can realize and attain vocational training that can transcend them from one socio-economic position to a higher level in society. PiBerry Institute, Inc. is dedicated to the development of strategies that will increase student retention levels, high academic achievement and graduation rates through transparency, process-management, and operational discipline.

We Moved to Homestead (30356 Old Dixie Hwy, 33033)